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Guide to the south coast of Belize, Placencia Village, Stann Creek.


At the tip of the peninsula you will find the beautiful village of Placencia. Many beach bars, cabanas and little alleyways of local residents who reside along the longest sidewalk known as the longest main road in the Guinness World Records. Explore what the village has to offer and how to find anything you are looking for in Placencia, Belize.

Seine Bight 

Before reaching Placencia Village and just north of the Placencia airport is a Garifuna village of Seine Bight also known as The village of the the Garinagu culture, the african descendents who inherited the area of Hopkins and Seine Bight. 

Maya Beach

Maya Beach is considered the more laid back and tranquil area of Placencia, with less traffic and more coastal homes and large resorts with full amenities. A great place to disappear and relax along the seaside. 

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belizAn Local FOod and international food


Find out where to get what type of food, whether its a classy wine bar, martini lounge, international fusion foods, beach bars, local homestyle cooking, cafes, seafood fresh from the sea or bbq shacks, we know all the fantastic details. 



Fresh catch of the day? Local fisherman provide fresh selection of seafood daily. 

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Ice Cream and Sweets

There is a world famous ice cream shop in Placencia, Belize

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Fast food

Creole Food Homestyle

Local food is all around the village with daily specials and something new to try everyday at noon

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